Domain Appraisals

Domain Name Appraisals

Do you know how much a domain name is really worth?  The key to being successful as a buyer or seller of domain names is knowing their true value.  It is important to appraise virtual real estate just as you do when selling or buying a home.  With recent individual domain name sales reaching 8 figures, accurate domain appraisals can literally save you millions of dollars. Turn to Judge Name to determining the fair market value of your domain names whether you are buying, selling, or just valuing your virtual assets.

Why use Judge Name?

Human Appraisals - Every domain name is individually appraised by an experienced domain professional. No automated or batch processing using pre-defined algorithms.

Accuracy - Our valuation methodology unique in the industry and extremely thorough.  The approach is back tested against actual domain name sales and modified accordingly to keep up with domain name industry trends.    

Experience - We have appraised the value of thousands of domain names that have been validated with actual sales in the marketplace.   

Value - Our low price is the lowest cost appraisal of its type you will find.

Quick Turnaround - Our 2 day response time is the fastest human based appraisal offered anywhere.  This is essential for participation in upcoming domain name auctions.      

Order a Domain Name Appraisal

  • Check out a sample appraisal to see what you will receive.
  • Let us do the due diligence for you so you can bid in confidence at domain auctions.
  • Use our appraisal as a starting point for domain negotiations.   
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The verdict is in.  Most people sell their domains below market value. Don't let this happen to you.  Let Judge Name rule on what your domain is worth today.